Are you bored of waiting in shop queues at lunchtime?

Upset at losing 15-20 minutes of your well-earned lunchbreak?

Tired of the same old choice of sandwiches?

Always forget to bring change to pay for your lunch?

If so, 'Cyber-Snack' is the answer to all of these problems!

Cyber-Snack is an Internet-based ordering service catering for all tastes.

A delivery service providing individually ordered sandwiches, bagels, baps, etc.

Giving you the ability to design your own sandwich from a wide range of ingredients right down to the amount of salt and pepper you require.

An account-based, cash-free service where you can see your weekly statement, making it easy to budget your weekly finances.

A credit limit allowing you to choose when to balance your account.

Regular 'specials' ensuring that you never get bored with our choice of ingredients.

A customer-led service allowing you, the client, to suggest alterations in order to ensure our service is tailor-made for individual needs.

'Cyber-Snack' caters for advanced orders of buffets, special dietary requirements and many other special 'one-offs'

JUST THINK - Less time wasted, tailor-made lunchtimes, Internet-based, flexible service, wide selection of sandwiches. In brief, you call the shots - we'll to the rest and let you get on with your business.

So, if you want to join the growing number of businesses taking advantage of this creative, innovative, quality lunch service - JOIN FREE TODAY!

There is no fee to register with 'Cyber-Snack' and no delivery charge. In fact, there is no catch at all!

Try us today and we promise your lunchbreaks will never be the same again!!